PDX Elite Extender Pro Vibrating Penis Pump




  • Extendable tube for a customized fit
  • Suction technology that strokes and “milks” the penis
  • Activate the vibration with the simple touch of a button


Made by Pipedream Extreme, this pump packs a revolutionary design that allows you to fully customize your experience! The extendable tube locks into place at the exact length you desire for a perfect fit every time. The Extender Pro Vibrating Pump features advanced suction technology designed to provide lifelike “milking” sensations that feels just like oral sex. For even more stimulation, turn on the vibration and enjoy along with the suction. There are 3 suction modes and 5 different intensity levels of vibration. There is also a “quick release button” to instantly relieve pressure.

The exterior case is built with a transparent window which enables you to watch yourself enjoy the suction. The internal sleeve is lined with incredibly satisfying textures to enhance pleasure

USB rechargeable (cable included) so you never have to worry about batteries. 

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