PDX ELITE Moto Bator 2



This masturbator THRUSTS and SUCKS! The PDX ELITE Moto Bator 2 is 9 inches long and 3.5 inches wide.  It has 8 inches of insertable length.  The sleeve is made of soft TPR material that warms to your body temperature.  It is lined with texture.  This toy is USB rechargeable.

It has 4 buttons: T (Thrust), S (Suck), R (Release), and V (Vibrate).  This toy will thrust on to you instead of you having to thrust into it.  Enjoy endless stimulation using water based lubricant.

Experience 3 enhanced modes of vacuum suction.  It tugs at your most sensitive areas.  Press V to experience the ultimate pulsing sensation.

The sleeve is removable and has textured lining.  Thrust into its vaginal opening and experience ripples of texture massaging your head and under your shaft. The sleeve warms to your body the more you use it.  Use water based lubricant generously for an easier flow of strokes.

The Moto Bator 2 is USB rechargeable.  You won’t have to go fishing for batteries in the middle of the night.  We recommend fully charging it before using it for long lasting pleasure.  

Its thrusting feature is phenomenal!  It has 2 speed modes of thrusting.  Deep thrusting sensations will have you at the edge of release in no time.  

Combine powerful vibration with its deep thrusts, this masturbator will stimulate you on a deeper level, to your nerve endings.  The user benefits from 5 patterns of vibration to play with.  Try each pattern to see which one gets you off best. 

This product has a 1 year warranty honored by Pipedream. Click here to register your product after purchase. To file a warranty claim once your product is registered, please click here.

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