Pumped Rose Gold Clitoral and Nipple Pump Set




  • Contains 2 nipple suction cups & 1 clitoral suction cup
  • Draws blood flow to the area being pumped for heightened sensitivity
  • Rose Gold & Perfume Pink Suction Pump


Enhance the size and sensitivity of your nipples and clitoris with this rose gold pump.  The pump draws blood forward, making the surface area more sensitive.  Pair this experience with nipple creams or a clitoral stimulant for maximized pleasure.  After pumping these areas, all sensitivities have increased, allowing a little touch or gentle kiss to be an orgasmic experience.

How to use:

Place suction cup over desired erogenous zones and squeeze the pump to pull blood into the areas.  The clitoris or nipple would then be suctioned into the cup.  Surface area and sensitivity will temporarily be increased.  Easily release pressure of the suction cup by pressing the release valve on the pump.  To leave the suction cups on, simply detach the acrylic cylinder from the pump with the clip at the end of the cup.

Add lubricants, nipple cream, or clitoral stimulants to enhance this experience.

Avoid pumping for over 20+ minutes. 

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