Screaming O The Big O 2 Double Vibrating Cockring



Most couples only ever dream of reaching the “Big O” together, but Screaming O’s Big O 2 helps speed up the journey for any adventurous couple. This double vibrating erection ring provides intense stimulation for both partners. It is 3.8 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and it can stretch to triple its size.  It is made with SEBS material.  It can be used on the penis or a dildo/vibrator.

A multi-function top motor provides partners with a vulva with multiple vibration settings, as well as a 90-degree twist for maximum clitoral contact.  The bottom motor provides steady vibrations to stimulate the wearer. 

The best part about sex is enjoying it together, and sharing an “O” doesn’t have to be elusive any longer.  Finish strong and finish together, with the Big O 2!

Please Note: This is for 1 cockring. Colors will vary.


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