She-ology Advanced Dilator Set



This 3 piece Advanced Dilator Set by She-ology rejuvenates and strengthens the vaginal muscles.  They are made of silicone material.  The largest dilator is 3.72 inches long and 1.93 inches wide.  The middle dilator is 3.38 inches long and 1.75 inches wide.  The smallest dilator is 3.13 inches long and 1.28 inches wide.

Each dilator is tapered for ease of insertion.  The flared base anchors the toy for removal and for added stimulation.  The base of the dilator is curved to guide the dilator in with your finger. 

Reduce insertion discomfort gradually with every use of these dilators.  Use water based lubricant and start with the smallest dilator.  Upgrade to the next sized dilator as you progress with exercising the muscles and increase elasticity.  Pair these dilators with a bullet vibrator for intensified sensation.


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