Shots Doll Brianna



Bring Shots Doll Brianna into the mix when you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom. Let Brianna be your new cuddle buddy as she is here to please you and fulfill your sensual desires. Brianna comes with three different ways for you to please yourself. Throughout her body you’ll find insertable mouth, vagina, and anus. Brianna’s curly and thick hair is soft complimenting her face. Her lips are luscious and soft and ready for you to insert up to 6 inches. Touch and feel onto Brianna’s realistic body, grip onto her d-cup breasts, run your hands down her curves which are all made up of a soft TPE material. As you begin to get comfortable, move and position Brianna’s body parts to whichever position makes you feel better. Insert into her juicy looking vagina up 7 inches and her tight anus up to 7 inches. As you discover the magic that lies within Brianna through your experience, enjoy the features and items included in the kit. These include a USB body warming element, a chest ball, lingerie set, replacement press-on nails, hair brush, lubricant, toy cleaner, renewing powder, cleansing irrigator, instruction manual, and 1 extra accessory vagina. To amplify your experience with Brianna, use a water based lubricant when penetrating any of her 3 holes. As you move her into any position of your liking, chamber into holes after warming them up with the lubricant. This will make for a wet and warm bodied experience. Brianna is ready for anything when it comes to the bedroom, use her and these features to fulfill your fantasy.


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