Shots Doll Jeni



If you’re yearning for a warm, curvy, and voluptuous body for this cuddle season, look no further and get Shots Doll Jeni. Jeni will be your hot companion for the night as she’s ready for whatever the night has in store. Enjoy her three insertable openings; oral, vaginal, and anus. As you get to know Jeni, put your fingers through her luscious hair when you kiss on her soft lips. From there, you’ll want Jeni to give you oral. Before doing so, position her body using her posable limbs customizing her body for your pleasure. You may insert in her oral opening for up to 6 inches. As you do so you’ll feel the skin like wall of the chamber. The same goes for the other openings as well. When you make your way down her body. Grip onto her D-cup breasts, you’re going to really feel the smoothness of the skin like TPE she is made of. Her vagina opening can take up to 7 inches of depth as well as her anus. As you penetrate her lower half, feel onto the voluptuous rump and small waist. Move around the thighs, legs, neck, and arms in whatever position of preference. This doll is complete with a kit that includes a USB warming body element, 1 chest ball, lingerie set, replacement press on nails, hair brush, lubricant, renewing powder, cleansing irrigator, instruction manual and 1 extra accessory vagina. To take your adventure to new heights, use with a water based lube. This will chamber your shaft into any of the openings giving you a wet and realistic experience. Shots Doll Jeni is made to please and is waiting for the right partner to sweep her off of feet.


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