Shots Doll Lina



Shots Doll Lina is here to please you and be your naughty girl for the night! Enjoy the soft, supple skin, long luscious hair, and realistic features that make up her beautiful body. This realistic doll can be inserted in three different ways; anal, vaginal and oral. Start from the top as you kiss and insert your shaft into her lips and mouth that can take up to 6 inches of depth. Feel your way into her 70 pound body by touching her soft breasts, pulling her long hair, enjoying the supple realistic touch of the TPE that is water resistant. As you make your way down, you’ll notice her smooth, juicy looking vagina. Pleasure yourself as you penetrate that opening which can take up to 7 inches. When you work your grip on her round booty, you’ll notice her tight opening that can also take 7 inches. Feel free to get creative as Lina will be able to take multiple partners. Her kit includes a USB body warming element, a chest ball, lingerie, replacement press on nails, hairbrush, lubricant, toy cleaner, renewing powder, cleaning irrigator, instruction manual, and extra vagina model. Take your fantasy to new levels by adding some water based lubricants at her insertable holes. This will chamber your shaft making it feel wetter per stroke. Use this technique as you position Lina in whatever way you please. Shots Doll Lina with her incredible features, soft skin, posable limbs, and included kits, will definitely make you feel fulfilled in your next bedroom adventure!


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