Spare Parts Deuce Male Harness



The Deuce Harness by Spare Parts is a double-ringed harness strap on that allows partners with or without a penis to attach 2 flared based dildos on.  This harness also functions as an erectile dysfunction aid.  It assists partners with a penis to prolong foreplay and continue love making in between sessions.

The Deuce Harness was built to cup the testicles without chaffing and bunching.  It has adjustable straps around the legs and belt.  Its two O-rings gives its user the option for using 2 dildos, only the dildo or only the penis, or the penis with a dildo, simultaneously.  The O-rings fit a variety of dildos.  The straps around the legs and belt gives its user more control for thrusting.  Its leg strap slightly crosses over the perineum for added sensation.  Adjust it to your liking, strap yourself in, and ready yourself for a night of hot sex and never ending passion.


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