Tantus Tawse It Overboard Silicone Impact Paddle



The Tawse It Overboard is an impact paddle by Tantus.  The original tawse was used as a tool of corporal punishment in the public schools of Scotland until 1987.  This impact paddle is made of Ultra Premium Silicone.  It delivers a heavy impact than its original material, leather.  This paddle can be used to stimulate your submissive.  Tease them with light to medium spanking.  Its many ends will tease and tantalize their skin.  This material is hygienic.  It can be boiled to be fully sanitized.  Its handle is textured so you won’t lose your grip.  The end of the handle is tapered for easy insertion.  This textured end can be used to stimulate the vaginal walls or anal sphincter.  Use plenty of water based lubricant.  It’s a great tool to have in your sexy boudoir.

This product has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty through Tantus Inc.

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