Warm Toy Warming Case




  • Safely warm up your toys for new, heightened sensations
  • Compatible with an array of products and materials
  • Doubles as storage for products between use


Say goodbye to chilly sex toys that kill the mood. Warm is a discreet, vegan leather pouch that warms up any toy to create an enticing sensation. This sex toy accessory is the first of its kind and was created with the sole purpose of warming your intimacy products. Warm is equipped with Tender Technology so it will safely and effectively warm up a variety of different toy materials. It is even safe to use on products that are rechargeable or battery operated.

There is an average warming time of 15-20 minutes although warming times may change depending on the size of the toy and the material. Warm can accommodate an array of product sizes and shapes. Its sophisticated and discreet design allows you to warm up your products while out in plain sight. It is easy to operate with a simple on-off button and it has a one-hour safety shut off.

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