Zero Tolerance Tap It



Tap It by Zero Tolerance is a remote controlled prostate vibrator with tapping sensation.  It is 5.75 inches long, 1.34 inches wide, and has an insertable length of 3.88 inches.  It is made of smooth silicone material.  It is USB rechargeable and waterproof.  Tap It has 10 tapping and vibrating patterns to play with. 

Tap It is ergonomically shaped to stimulate the Prostate.  It has a tapered tip for ease of insertion.  It has a curved base that anchors itself outside of the body and stimulates the perineum.  Tap It features an oblong shaped tip on the head.  It pops back and forth, creating a tapping sensation.  This piece palpates the prostate and delivers vibration- making all the nerve endings in the prostate sing.

This vibrating prostate toy can be controlled from up to 45 feet.  Each function can be controlled separately.  Give your lover control to be surprised by every vibration or tap.  The remote also makes changing vibration a breeze.  Tap It feels pleasurable and can be worn during masturbation or sex.  Use plenty of water based lubricant.

This product has a 5 year warranty through Evolved/Zero Tolerance.  Click here to visit the Evolved/Zero Tolerance warranty page.


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