Zero Tolerance Vibrating Girth Enhancer



The Vibrating Girth Enhancer by Zero Tolerance was made to add girth and vibration to a penis or dildo.  It enhances pleasure between couples.  The partner with a penis gets to experience the tingling and buzzing sensation while inserting their member into their partner.  The rigid side of the enhancer stimulates the g-spot or p-spot.  It adds an extra 1.5 inches of girth. 

This enhancer is 4.4 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.  It is made of soft and smooth silicone material.  The Vibrating Girth Enhancer also comes with a remote.  It can control your toy from up to 30 feet.  It is waterproof and USB rechargeable.

Vibrating Girth Enhancer has 2 motors.  One stimulates the clitoris or perineum and the other. located on the shaft, stimulates the g-spot or p-spot internally.  It has 9 vibration patterns and functions to play with.

This enhancer has double rings to enhance the erection around the base of the penis.  The larger, exterior ring loops around the testicles to stimulate and secure them in place.  Strap on this enhancer and turn on its vibration.  Use the remote to change up the speed and vibration pattern.  

This product has a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty through Zero Tolerance.


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