Zolo Blowpro



The Blowpro by Zolo is a hands free blowjob.  It is 8.46 inches long and 3.25 inches wide.  It is made of TPE, TPR, and ABS plastic.  4 AA batteries are required.  It comes with an attached remote with LED lights.  Blowpro vibrates and strokes you off.  It has 3 functions to play with.  The lips of the TPE sleeve feels realistic.  The inner lining of the sleeve also has realistic textures.  A ring of beads massage outside of the sleeve to give strokes of pleasure.  Blowpro does all the work for you.  Sit back, add water based lubricant on the lips, and use the remote to control the strokes and vibrations.  The combination of soft lips, internal studded texture, and stroking vibration is orgasmic.

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