record for most masturbation male

Wow, this topic is pretty wild.​ I heard about it from a friend of a friend, and this dude supposedly broke some world record for the most consecutive times someone has masturbated.​ I thought to myself, ‘No way! How could that be a thing?’

So, I started doing research and soon found out that it was totally true.​ The guy in question is Masanobu Sato from Japan, who managed to go an astounding 9 hours and 58 minutes! Can you even imagine? He started off the record-breaking attempt in February 2009, and it ended the next day with 893 times of self-pleasure.​ It’s mind-boggling to think about.​

I’m not sure I can wrap my head around it.​ With so much free time, why not go out and do something productive with it? I’m guessing Masanobu was feeling pretty satisfied with himself once it was all over.​ It got me seeing if there were any other odd records out there, and sure enough, there are.​

Like the world record for the biggest collection of vibrators? Yep, there’s even one for that too! It’s held by a woman in ‘Retail Heaven’, USA and she has an astonishing 533 vibrators in her possession.​ Could you imagine the size of her collection? Who knows what kinds of pleasures she can derive from it.​

But I’m more interested in the social implications of this record.​ After all, sex dolls why is it important, that 1 person has managed to do something, even if it does require a lot of dedication and persistence? Could it be that it’s a gauge of society’s moral values or simply evidence of the human body’s capability?

It’s interesting to think about, and I’m sure it matters in some way.​ That’s probably why people talk so much about it.​ Perhaps it’s easy to relate to or maybe it’s just shocking.​ Either way, it’s clearly worth discussing.​

Of course, it’s to be expected that there will be some backlash.​ Even though a Guinness World Record is a prestigious and greatly sought after achievement, this particular activity definitely invites controversy.​ But maybe that’s exactly why it fascinates us – it has that forbidden air around it, and it’s daring in its own way.​

So, now I’m even more curious about how this world record came to be.​ Who was the first person to attempt it, and what motivated them to do so? Is Masanobu’s record safe, or will someone else snatch it away from him? And of course, what will be the next outrageous Guinness World Record?

I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out and what the next out-of-this-world record is.​ Only time will tell.​How to put on the dual cock rings with tanit stimulator and prostate massager?