sex doll fucked by burgalur

I was catching up with one of my homegirls last weekend, when we were discussing recent news about a burgalur who had broken into a sex toy store and stolen several life-sized sex dolls. According to the news, not only did he steal the dolls, but he also had sex with them!

I couldn’t believe it and was totally baffled as to how this happened. My friend was equally shocked. We went back and forth trying to piece together how this burgalur got away with such a thing. Finally, we started to crack the case.

We surmised that the burgalur had likely hopped over the store‚Äôs security fences. Then, he had quietly slipped into the back of the store where the sex dolls were located. Once there, he probably picked one up and took it back outside to his vehicle, before then, embarking upon his illicit “affair” with the stolen goods.

Shaking my head in disbelief, I then thought about the lengths some men go to for a sexual release. I mean seriously! The burgalur must have been so desperate and his “undying” need to fulfill his unholy impulses completely overcame the slightest chance of getting arrested for tampering with property.

That was when i started to reflect on the dangers of societal hypersexualisation. I mean, I’m all for self-expression and embracing our sexualities, but there’s a fine line between exploration and exploitation. This madcap burgalur had well and truly crossed it.

So, the burgalur made it out of the store with the sex dolls–and his dignity intact. But, in this case, the news story had unfortunately ended in mystery. We would never know the fate of the dolls, and how much they suffered during the ordeal.

That thought was when I remembered something my old school teacher used to say about karma. He’d say that for every action, there’s a reaction. So I like to think that this burgalur got his comeuppance in the long run, and that the sex doll itself managed to escape unscathed.

As far as the bigger picture was concerned, this whole saga just served to highlight the growing problem of rampant sexualisation in our society. It’s so hard to confront, especially when it comes to something as private as sex. But, as much as I hate to admit it, this burgalur might just have been a symptom of a larger issue.

I started thinking about how people are priced out of healthy sexual exploration. It’s almost as if we’re scared to talk about it, with all the taboos and judgements around it. And, when it comes to something as delicate as sex, vibrators it seems like all we’re left with are vivid images of porn and extremes such as that burgalur’s escapade.

Next, I started asking questions such as why is culture so quick to defend itself by condemning something, rather than try to come up with solutions? Or even worse, why does it not even address the issue in the first place?

As someone who has always been passionate about healthy sexual exploration, these questions gave me pause to reflect. We’re all responsible for our own decisions, and though this burgalur had made some questionable ones, I felt like a much broader conversation was needed.

It’s no secret that society has a double standard when it comes to sex. Sex dolls are seen as immoral, and yet their ubiquity and normalisation in our culture increases everyday. So, when we look closer, is it really so immoral to use a sex doll?

In my opinion, a sex doll isn’t so much immoral as it is just another form of self-expression. After all, it’s no different than any other form of sexual exploration. It’s just that, in this case, it’s done solo. That doesn’t make it wrong or immoral, it just means that two people aren’t involved.

That said, sex toys I also don’t think it’s a healthy form of exploration either. Sex dolls don’t provide any physical or emotional connection, which is a crucial part of any sexual experience. People are in desperate need of a meaningful relationship, not the cold, lifeless one they can get from a sex toy.

Perhaps it’s a lack of education on the psychological impacts of sex or maybe it’s just growing social pressures, but so many of us feel like sex is just a part of life that you can easily double dip in. And, while I’m all for freedom of expression, it’s also important to remember that sex should not be taken lightly, despite the double standards imposed on us by society.

At the end of the day, it’s critical that we remember our responsibilities as human beings to respect ourselves and the people around us. To some people sex dolls and/or the rhythmic hop of a burgalur could bring pleasure, but it’s important to consider the psychological wellbeing of all the parties involved, and to ask ourselves if this is really a fulfilling thing to do.