what are penis pumps and how are they worn

A penis pump – I’d heard about them before but never really knew what they were used for…until recently.​ After inquiring how my buddy who’d recently had a baby was able to still perform like a rock star in the bedroom, he told me he credit it to the penis pump.​

Essentially, a penis pump is a device that can be used to help to enhance and improve an erection, although it can also be used for a variety of medical reasons too.​ It works by creating a vacuum around the penis, forming a tight seal, which increases the blood flow and causes the area around the penis to become engorged and creating an erection.​

The most common type of penis pump is the traditional one where you have an air filled cylinder – like a long cylinder that looks a bit like a test tube.​ And then you have a vacuum valve, and a constriction ring that is used to keep the device in place.​ The vacuum that is created when the device is used causes the tissue around the penis to expand, thus forming an erection.​

It’s a pretty nifty device for those of us who struggle to ‘get it up’ from time to time.​ As well as for those who just want to give their partner a little extra! The wonderful thing about penis pumps is that they are relatively harmless and pain-free.​

Generally speaking, wearing one isn’t that complicated either.​ It’s pretty much like wearing a condom – the ring is placed at the base of the penis and the pump is gently placed on the end of the penis.​ Once the vacuum has been created in the pump the ring should be left in place to aid with the longevity of the erection.​

Of course they can be used for medical reasons too, like for those with erectile dysfunction caused by certain medical conditions, or people who, for whatever reason, experience problems getting and maintaining a decent, sufficient erection.​

The other really interesting thing is that when it comes to medical penis pump use, they don’t have any of the nasty side effects that come with a lot of medications.​

Now, believe it or not, that’s not all penis pumps are good for – they can also be used for pleasure.​ Yes, many people, both male and female, enjoy the sensations that come from using penis pumps and they can enhance the sexual experience for couples.​ For women, penis pumps can provide clitoral stimulations and can be used to create suction or buzzing sensation for extra pleasure.​ And there are even penis pumps created specifically for couples – couples can enjoy the sensation of the penis pump together, creating a more pleasurable sexual experience.​

Yes, it’s true – penis pumps can get the blood pumping and heat things up in the bedroom!

But that’s not all, they are also said to increase the length and girth of the penis, which can be quite beneficial for those looking to increase their size down there.​ And apparently, they can even help to improve the performance.​

Now, it’s important to note that penis pumps are not meant to be worn all the time, as wearing them for prolonged periods can cause severe damage, both internally and externally.​

So, if you’re thinking of trying one out, be sure to keep a few safety tips in mind.​ Always use lubricants and don’t go overboard with the pump – too much suction can be painful and cause tissue and nerve damage.​ As with any sex toys toy make sure your pump is cleaned before and after use, to prevent any infections.​ And don’t forget the condoms!

All in all, penis pumps can be a great way to help those suffering from impotence or help spruce up couples’ sex life.​ Just as long as you take them off after the job is done!

Immediately after gaining my knowledge on what a penis pump is, I wanted to give it a try.​ As my partner and I have experimented with sex toys before, we didn’t hesitate in getting our hands on one.​ We were really pleased with the experiences we had; the pump did a great job in making my partner more aroused and we enjoyed the heightened sensation during foreplay and intercourse.​

Moreover, another advantage of using a penis pump is that the penis usually becomes more sensitive and responsive to sexual stimulation.​ This certainly made our experience that more pleasurable.​

Months after using the penis pump, I’m certain that it’s worth investing in.​ The results are noticeable and it adds an extra bit of ‘spice’ to our sexual activity that we both benefit from.​

However, my partner and I have also sworn by the safety measures that come along with using a penis pump.​ Any potential damage can be easily avoided if proper guidelines are practiced.​

In terms of alternatives to the traditional penis pump, there are now many innovative designs created to be more comfortable when worn, and they are said to provide greater suction performance.​

It’s true that using a penis pump safely can bring many pleasurable experiences.​ From enhancing arousal to ensuiring that the penis maintains an erection, pumps are a great and simple device for improving sexual performance.​

Regardless, using a penis pump while taking precautions is something that I and many others can vouch for.​ But, pump use must be fun and comfortable for it to work and will no doubt take time to get used to it.​ So, be sure to take your time and experiment with different levels of suction to find the suitable level for you.​