what companey makes child sized sex dolls

I recently heard about child-sized sex dolls and worried about what kind of company would make something so insidious. Initially, my instinctual reaction was one of utter disgust and confusion. What company in their right mind would make a doll that’s meant to be used for a sexual purpose with kids? Who would buy something like that? Who would even think of inventing something like that?

But as with any issue, I decided it was best to take a step back and do some research. That’s when I discovered the truth—there’s a growing trend in businesses and individuals alike who are developing these child-sized sex dolls and using them in an effort to curb the sexualization of children. The dolls, which range from male and female, are being created with the overwhelming majority being made for adults.

At first, I was surprised but after reading some articles on the topic, it all started to make sense. The dolls are meant to provide an outlet for those individuals who experience strong, inappropriate sexual thoughts about children but wouldn’t act on those thoughts. It gives them an alternative to actually engaging in sexual activity with a real child.

Now, I want to be clear, I’m in no way condoning this practice. But I do understand where the idea is coming from. Those who create these child-sized sex dolls are hoping to provide a safe outlet for those with pedophilic tendencies. It’s not a permanent solution by any means but letting these individuals choose the doll as an outlet could very well help reduce the instances of abuse against kids by some pedophiles, though I think it it’s important to note that it doesn’t always work.

I can’t help but feel discouraged by the fact that these dolls exist at all. I look around and see kids—they’re everywhere. Children are innocent and deserve to be treated with love and respect, not be violated or taken advantage of in any way.

I have mixed feeling about these child-sized sex dolls; on one hand I understand sex toys the intentions and possible results, but on the other, I can’t accept the idea of these dolls in any way.

The more research I did about this topic, the more I started to become aware of the difficult, broader issue of pedophilia and the lengths we as a society will go to try to curtail it. It’s not an easy issue to tackle and I’m not sure what the long-term solution may be but I think it’s something we need to be having conversations about– not just around child-sized sex dolls but around how we should best protect our kids.

The conversation of child-sized sex dolls needs to go further than just discussing their creations. Having conversations about preventing abuse at the hands of pedophiles is an actionable step. Programs need to be implemented in our communities to teach about the dangers of child abuse and strategies to protect children when necessary.

We also need to have open and continuous conversations about how society can best provide mental health support to individuals who feel drawn to children in a sexual way. Putting an emphasis on mental health support for those struggling with these urges can help create a safe space for individuals to come out and get the help they need.

Obviously, this is a very delicate subject and I understand it begs many difficult questions. But I think it’s important that we continue to have open, honest conversations around it — we owe it to our children to ensure they’re safe from harm as much as humanly possible, and I think understanding the complexity of the issue around child-sized sex dolls is an important step in the right direction.