what is a spreader bar sex toy

Hey friend! Today I wanna talk about the amazing spreader bar sex toy. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s game changer and I’m sure it’ll change your bedroom game too.

A spreader bar sex toy is basically a bar that can be attached to two persons who are about to engage in some naughty sexy time. Ranging from adjustable ankle cuffs to wrist cuffs, depending on what type of spreader bar sex toy you have, the bar can keep a person’s arms stretched apart, spread eagle style, for some truly wild fun. It’s definitely an exciting way to introduce something to the bedroom and spice things up a little bit.

Not only is it super fun to explore the possibilities, but it’s also incredibly satisfying on an emotional level too. It feels really amazing having freedom of movement taken away from you, while your partner explores your body in a way that you were never able to before. It creates this really beautiful balance of trust and pleasure, like nothing else in the world.

On top of the emotional and sex toys pleasure rewards, spreader bar sex toys can also be used for some very naughty discipline. Feeling like your partner has total control over every move you make can be incredibly erotic. Trusting in our partner to test our limits in a safe, comfortable and consensual environment is where the real magic happens.

Thinking about exploring a little bit more? Think about it. Some couples get crafty and use their own DIY spreader bar using items you can find at any hardware store. An improvised bar between two shoulder straps and buckles can be a lightweight, adjustable and pleasurable way to explore new naughty options in the bedroom.

It doesn’t end there. There are plenty of ways to expand your spreader bar pleasure. Its wicked fun to explore the use of vibrating cock rings, lubricants, scented candles, and a few other bedroom gadgets you can use to play up this naughty night of exploration.

And, if you wanna opt for something a little less wild, a spreader bar sex toy can be used as just a simple request for a light massage or an extremely innocent version of a role play scenario. You can use it to mimic a mundane job – but with a twist. Whatever you fantasize about, this is a unique way to open you up to those desires in the most secretive and pleasurable of ways.

If you’re looking for something even more intimate, you can explore more kinky options like ball-gags, vibrators rope cuffs, and feathers. Just remember to always trust your instincts and communicate your boundaries to make sure that your partner knows just how naughty you want to get. Have fun and keep exploring!