When I heard that someone put a blow up sex doll in the sky I was gobsmacked! I was so taken aback that I just had to ask around to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I spoke to my neighbours, family and friends and couldn’t believe that I had missed out on such a bizarre event. Everyone had the exact same reaction, a mix of confusion and awe.

The news reporter said the event happened in the middle of the night, and that’s why it had gone unnoticed by the public. There was a big commotion on the streets, as the locals joked about it being an angel coming down from heaven. The atmosphere was one of both amusement and shock – it was almost like the world had been turned upside down.

The authorities were baffled as to who was responsible for this extraordinary occurrence. Everyone had a fear that it may have been a mischievous teenager, or perhaps a prankster looking for some attention. However, after weeks of investigations it was discovered that it was a group of art students who had engineered the feat with a hot air balloon.

The students explained that they had done it to prove that art can be taken to the sky. They wanted to make a statement – that art can be found in places where it is least expected. The students stated that they wanted to challenge the idea that art should only be done in a traditional way and that it can be taken to new heights.

The local authorities were in a quandary, as they were unsure how to respond. In the end, they decided to let the incident slide and just deemed it a harmless prank.

My initial reaction towards this was that it was crazy and outrageous, however upon further reflection I had to admire the ingenuity and boldness of the students. Such an act of creativity is so rare in today’s society, and I believe it should be celebrated rather than chastised.

Not only was this a statement about art, but it is a reminder to me and to many others not to be afraid of taking risks in life. We should be embracing our most creative ideas and expressing ourselves in new ways. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll all be sending sex dolls in the sky as an act of art!

It’s hard to believe that a blow up sex dolls doll in the sky could turn out to be such a powerful statement. Whether I agree or disagree with the act, I definitely feel inspired by it – it has opened my eyes to how a simple act can completely alter our perspective of something.

And that has made me question what else is out there in life, just waiting to be discovered. Thinking of these possibilities has made me feel excited for the future – I cannot wait to see what else this world has in store for us.