where did sex dolls come from

I was having a conversation with my buddy the other day and he asked me if I knew where the concept of sex dolls originated. I was taken aback by his question as I had no clue. And in the moment, I shrugged it off saying that they’ve been around for a while.

But that got me thinking about it and I had to do my research on where sex dolls came from. It turns out they’ve been around since the 17th century! I couldn’t believe it as I was expecting them to be at least a century younger.

These first dolls created were based in religious idols, representing a goddess for fertility. Society felt like these dolls were more about celebrating the female body, rather than them being used for dildos sex. Women were worshipped and these sex dolls served as a symbol of admiration – which was quite interesting.

The next model came in around the early 20th century, called ‘Dollies’. These Dollies were designed to look like famous French courtesans of that time period. They were the first real human replicas and people could buy them all over the place. The concept caught on surprisingly fast, as these Dollies were soon being seen as objects of art.

After World War II, the sex dolls became even more advanced. This led to the more current generation of dolls, which are even more realistic than the earlier models. We now have robotic sex dolls that are programmed to do all sorts of tasks, which makes them quite popular with some people.

My buddy and I continued our conversation about this topic, and his opinion differed greatly from mine. He believes that these dolls are immoral and should not be used, while I think that these sex dolls are harmless and offer people an outlet to express themselves and to explore their sexuality.

We then discussed other aspects of this topic such as for what purpose people use these dolls. Some might use them for sexual pleasure, while others might be lonely and feel a need for companionship. It was a deep discussion, with each opinion being respected.

I would then bring to his attention, how these dolls are made. Using advanced 3D printing technology, silicone, Penis Rings and other materials to create a life-like figure that moves and talks. A vast range of customization options are available with these dolls, that you’d be shocked to know. This step made the dolls even more realistic.

With all the advancements in robotics, it will be hard to expect sex dolls in the near future to be purely robotic. In today’s era, sex dolls are no longer viewed as taboo and there are a lot of people who use them as it helps them to get over their frustrations and satisfy their needs.

We also discussed how the celebrity culture has had an impact on these dolls. We’ve seen dolls modeled after Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift and a lot of other famous celebrities. It shows just how much the idea of sex dolls has grown in the entertainment sphere and gained recognition.

It’s crazy to think about it, that these dolls have been around for centuries and still exist today. It’s interesting to see how far they have come and how modern technology has made them more lifelike and realistic. I can’t wait to see where this technology will take sex dolls in the future.

We discussed how it is almost impossible for dolls to replace humans in relationships, due to the lack of emotions they have. We agreed that these dolls can be used for people who are lonely or in emotionally abusive relationships, and that these dolls can offer companionship and help them deal with their struggles.

As the conversation developed, I started to think about how sex dolls offer more than just physical pleasure. They provide a safe space to explore and find out what you like, as they don’t come with judgement or any expectations (which you may get in real life relationships).

We then talked about how the industry is still shrouded in taboo, and people are largely unaware of the impact that sex dolls have. You can find a variety of sex dolls in different shapes, sizes and body types, which are designed to cater to different people’s needs and desires. This provides an opportunity for people to express themselves and find companionship without being judged.

It was quite an eye-opener talking to my friend about sex dolls but it further reinforced my opinion that these dolls are harmless and are completely acceptable in today’s society. What do you think?