where do you store sex toys at home

When it comes to storing sex toys at home, there are many options available. I like to keep my sex toys in a designated area away from my other possessions. After all, there’s no need to mix my personal items with something that needs to be kept private! It’s also important to make sure that the area is clean and your sex toys are always taken care of. That’s where careful storage comes into play.

My first thought when it comes to keeping sex toys safe is to keep them in some type of drawer. This could be a bedside table, a night stand, or even a separate drawer in my dresser. I also find that a drawer with a lock always works best, which is great for keeping curious family members or roommates from coming across my toys. I also keep my toys in a locked box that can be tucked away in my closet, or underneath my bed. This is an added security measure and helps ensure that prying eyes can’t get to them.

The other suggestion I have is to get a special pouch or container for my sex toys. I find this to be a great way to keep all my toys organized and easy to access. This also helps me quickly grab a toy that I’m in the mood for. I can choose to keep my pouch in a dedicated area, or I can tuck it away in a drawer or closet. The great thing about this is that it’s discreet and looks like just any other intriguing bag.

Another thing I do to keep my sex toys organized and neat is to designate a special corner in my bedroom. I make sure this area is well lit and always stays clean. I can tell that investing in some attractive storage options really helped me in this respect. I put my favorite lacy lingerie, extra lube and all my different toys in the same corner. Having this one special area dedicated to my toys helps remind me that I’m taking good care of them.

Sometimes I’m feeling extra adventurous and like to bring my sex toys outside of my home. Whether it’s for a romantic night away with a partner or a sexy weekend sleepover with a friend, it’s always a good idea to invest in a bag that’s safe and sex toys secure. I prefer to use a discreet purse or handbag that blends in with the rest of my clothing. I also clearly label it to reduce the chances that it will be opened up and inspected. This way, I can truly carry my toys with me wherever I go.

I also like to use a separate box or bag for any toy cleaners or sprays. I make sure that this does not get mixed with all my other items, as the contents of the spray could seep into my belongings. In an effort to keep my items clean and vibrators smell fresh, I keep all my toy cleaners in a special place.

Finally, I have found that talking to a friend or partner about how I store my sex toys is also a great way to keep them in check. My friends are usually understanding of my preferences and open to helping me out. They often offer advice about what storage systems they use, or what method works best for them. Being in community with people who understand your needs is a great way to find some clarity in regards to your sex toy storing habits.