why does shipping take so long for.sex toys on amazon

Wow, I really don’t get why shipping takes so long for sex toys on Amazon. It seems to me like it could get to me so much quicker. I mean, you can get almost anything else on Amazon within a couple of days with Prime, so why does it take so long for sex toys?

It’s so frustrating! I’m all ready to try some new things out in the bedroom but I have to wait what seems like forever just for the shipping to go through. It’s like, vibrators by the time my toys arrive, I’ve lost interest in them and I’ve moved on to something else entirely.

I’ve even resorted to trying to find things that are like, free one-day shipping, but I always hit a wall because I’m limited to what’s available. And I’m always like, tempted to just go and buy something from my local store, which I know can be a bit dodgy, but it’s quicker and easier.

I guess that’s just the way it works. But I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on some really great stuff on Amazon because of how long shipping takes. I mean, they’ve got some really great deals that I know I can’t find anywhere else, but if I’m unable to get them to me in a timely manner, I’m not going to be able to take full advantage of them.

But then I realize, like, if the shipping is gonna take forever, why not just stock up on stuff now so that when I do get it, I can just go ahead and Penis Rings use it? So I’ve started to do that, and it’s actually made the experience a lot better. Now I just order up a bunch of stuff when I know I’m going to be in the mood for some bedroom fun and just let the shipping take its time.

It’s kind of a nice way to look at things. I’m not stuck waiting for the shipping like some kind of punishment, I’m just, like, collecting the materials for future bedroom fun. I would suggest it to anyone else in the same boat as me. It’s surely worth trying.

Oh, and another thing – it kind of makes it a surprise when the package finally does show up. I mean, I ordered a bunch of stuff and I don’t remember exactly what all the different things that I got were, and so when I finally get it in the mail, it’s like Christmas! I mean, it’s great to open a package full of potential bedroom fun and not know exactly what you’re going to get, right?

But yeah, that’s my experience with ordering sex toys from Amazon. It sucks having to wait so long for the shipping, but there are ways around it, if you know-how. And it can actually be kind of fun and a lot less stressful if you take a different approach.