why minors shouldnt have sex toys

When I hear the topic of minors and sex toys, my first thought is that it is something that I wouldn’t approve of. It immediately strikes me as something that should be off-limits and I use my own values system to determine why. I’d like to think that I am more than capable of understanding why other people might not be as strict in their beliefs, but for me, there is something emotionally troubled about the concept of using sex toys amongst those that aren’t out of their teenage years.

When I come up with this idea, I remember a conversation I had with a friend where we talked about the affect of adult toys amongst minors who were still developing their own values. It stuck with me that kids at such an age are already dealing with their hormones and it just doesn’t seem like a mature way to introduce such concepts. The idea of inappropriate behavior among minors isn’t something that I want to give much thought to because then it tends to be a breeding ground for many other issues.

It’s no secret that hormones are a major factor in the way that we deal with day to day life, let alone the fact that there are certain periods of our lives that can be difficult to get through and much more worrying when it comes to having to control those hormones. To introduce other notions such as the use of sex toys is almost like setting a precedent to distress these already chaotic times of development and can often lead to insurmountable pressures both physically and mentally.

Another point of concern to me is that if minors were to become regular users of these toys, vibrators there is a large risk for addiction and possible exploitation. I am now in my twenties and I can only imagine what kind of confusion this could have caused at such a young age. With all the pressures that come with teenage life, there would be even more issues to have to deal with if sex toys were being used.

As a minor myself, I remember it being a very self-conscious time of my life with a lot of things to contend with. I remember it was difficult to figure out what was normal and what was not, so introducing something that was not only non-traditional, but also mainly seen as a taboo, as often sex toys are, by adults, would have been a huge red flag and made me incredibly uncomfortable.

I can also still feel the lingering of the embarrassment and fear of being judged that comes with displaying curiosity or interest towards something like this. Thankfully at my age the reality of these toys has been made more social acceptable, even if there is still hesitation there, but I can imagine that this could easily be damaging to a minor body image and self-confidence.

In addition, I believe that adding marriage and sex under the umbrella of these toys could cause issues within the future in general as typically the thought behind marriage and sex usually comes with emotional and moral obligations as well, or at least is thought to. By introducing all of this prematurely it would end up developing damaging perspectives and maybe even continue into the long term.

To sum things up, I personally do not believe that minors should be using sex toys. I think that it causes too much of a conflict between one’s own values and the values that society tells us to have. I also think that it is potentially damaging mentally and emotionally, and could go on to cause confusion in later life.